Is location still the biggest deciding factor when buying an investment property?

There should be a clear distinction in your mind when purchasing an investment property versus a property to be used as your primary residence. The only time when your decision should be based on the same principles is when you intend to buy the property as a buy-to-let investment at first and then occupy it yourself at a later stage.

Inexplicably, a large percentage of property buyers thinks that the popularity of a specific area will always remain the same. The truth is that it is not constant. As areas are developed, and new opportunities arise, it increases the popularity of some areas and decreases that of others. This has been quite common over the centuries as some areas develop and evolve while other decline. It, therefore, boils down to timing and being a visionary if you want to make money with property.

Great examples of this phenomena are Central Developments Property Group’s two mega-developments being built in Centurion and the Lanseria area north of Johannesburg. Being a visionary buyer in either one of these developments will guarantee you great investment growth. The location where these projects are being developed has always been popular, but giving them their own identity with multi-use accommodation, schools, a shopping centre, retirement and an all-round secure lifestyle, is what attracts a whole new generation of buyers and tenants. With the planning and development of smart cities, new business precincts and infrastructure upgrades around these developments, you will miss out on great investment opportunities if you think that next month, next year or the future is a better time to buy than now.

“Since I enquired through Central Developments’ Buy2Let investor division for my first investment property, I have never had to look any further. Their service was on point, professional and they could answer all my questions and uncertainties regarding property investment. I’m definitely starting my retirement wealth planning through property investment with them and plan to leave it as a legacy to my kids.” – Mrs Sofia Kunene (first-time investor)