Property investment away from home – should I only invest where I live?

Property investing away from home

Isn’t it strange that when investing money, people will willingly invest their own money in the stock exchange, cryptocurrency, shares and other non-tangible investments, but when it comes to property investment and using other people’s money to do so, e.g. bank finance or tenant rental, they are hesitant to do so if the property is not situated close to where they live or work?

Are you also one of those people?

One of the main reasons preventing individuals from investing in property is fear. For example the fear of making the wrong investment, of not knowing how it works, or of a tenant defaulting on their payment. The reality is that no investment comes without risk. With property, however, almost all of your risk can be calculated and mitigated to ensure minimal impact, should the worst happen.

Central Developments has been assisting investors worldwide for more than two decades to acquire property with step-by-step assistance and managing their investment properties through a hassle-free process and tried-and-tested system.

If you are an experienced property investor with a good support network and enough time to manage your own property portfolio, it could make sense to only invest in closer areas which are more accessible to you.  Most investors rely on a reputable property management company to handle their investment portfolio. This allows them to be property investors in the true sense of the word and to smartly build their portfolio by diversifying their investments – not only by product but also by province or areas within provinces where opportunities arise.

Unlike investing your own money in other types of investments anytime and at any age, investing in property and relying on bank finance, does have an age limit. Don’t let time catch up with you and let some prime investment opportunities pass you by.

“In 2009 I bought my first residential property in Midrand from Central Developments and one year later I relocated to Cape Town for work. I decided to keep the property which then by default became my first investment, sooner than expected. Since then I have bought five more investment properties from them and not being able to manage my properties myself, their rental management service has been invaluable in building my property portfolio whilst living far away, now in the UK.” – Mr A. Gunther