After occupation inspection and repairs

After Occupation Repairs

Why the first 90 days after moving in is so important

The first 90 days after you have moved into your new house is a very important period. As you start using the doors, cupboards, windows, toilets, taps, bath, shower, etc., you might discover some issues which were not apparent when you first inspected your new house just before you moved in.

During this 90-day period, you can list and report these issues to us, the developer, and we will then repair all the relevant issues that were not caused by misuse. We refer to these repairs as after-occupation repairs. After this period, all further repairs become the homeowner’s full responsibility, so if you do not report an issue during this period, you will have to repair it yourself as part of your routine home maintenance.

A new house also needs time to settle on its foundation, so after a while, it might start to show small cracks as it settles. These settlement cracks are normal, are no reason for concern, and can be repaired easily. Should you notice and report such settlement cracks in your house, they will be repaired during the after-occupation repairs.

To do each house’s after-occupation repairs as efficiently as possible, we do all the repairs on the house simultaneously, so we only send a team when we have a full list of all the issues. To accomplish this, we send each new homeowner an email 45 days after moving in requesting them to report all the items in their house that must be adjusted or repaired. The homeowner must inspect their house thoroughly and report all issues within 7 days of receiving this email. You do this digitally by means of an online form. The link to the online form is on the email reminder, or you can click here to access it.

Once you’ve reported the items that must be adjusted or repaired, our team will contact you to arrange a date and time when they can do the repairs. You will be asked to sign off on all the repairs that they’ve done to indicate that you are satisfied with the work. When all the after-occupation repairs have been completed, and you have signed off on the work, we will close your house’s file and will do no further repairs on it. Any further repairs then become your full responsibility.

If you do not report your after-occupation repairs via the online form as requested in the 45-day email reminder, we will assume that you do not have any repairs on your house, and after 90 days, we will close your file. It is, therefore, essential that you report any defects via our online after-occupation repairs form when we request you to do so and before the end of your first 90 days in your house.