When you finally buy your dream home, it comes with certain responsibilities that you must prioritise. One of these responsibilities is insurance. As a homeowner, there are two different types of insurance that you must have: homeowner’s insurance and home content insurance.

For both insurance types, keep the following in mind:

  • It is your responsibility to arrange your insurance. Central Developments is not involved with the insurance of your house.
  • Your insurance provider will cancel your coverage if you do not pay your monthly premium.
  • If you need to claim, please get in touch with your insurer directly.
  • Also, take note of the excess fee that insurers charge when you submit a claim.

Homeowners' insurance

You must ensure that your house is covered by homeowner cover (HOC) and if you have a bond, you should also have life cover to ensure that your bond will still be repaid in case you pass away. This insurance is generally provided through the bank where your bond was approved.

A homeowner’s insurance policy specifically covers the following:

  • Your home’s physical building structure.
  • Outbuildings on the property.
  • Permanent fixtures or fittings.
  • Geysers.
  • Boundary walls.
  • Garage doors.
  • Motors for electric gates and garages.
  • Gate posts, gates and fences.
  • Paved, bricked, concrete, asphalt or stone-surfaced areas.

You will be insured for:

  • Fire damage due to electrical short circuits or lightning strikes.
  • Damage caused by natural disasters.
  • Water damage due to a leaking or burst geyser.
  • Structural damages caused by burglary.

Only bank-approved and NHBRC-registered contractors registered on your insurance panel can be appointed to repair your property.

Home content insurance

Along with your house’s physical structure, you also want to ensure that all your possessions are insured. This can be done through any major insurance provider or broker. You should insure your household content for its accurate monetary value. It is very easy to undervalue the costs of replacing your possessions, so a thorough audit of what you have and what it would cost to replace it will help you to ensure that you take out sufficient insurance should something like theft or fire occur.

What can be insured?

With home content insurance you can either insure your house’s contents for a set total amount (for example R500 000), or you can insure specific items for their specific values (for example ensuring a R40 000 computer).

Home content insurance covers some of the following items:

  • Technology
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Collectables
  • Artwork
  • Jewellery
  • Clothing
  • Personal effects

Always read your insurance policies thoroughly and adhere to their stipulated requirements to avoid negatively impacting future insurance claims.

What can be insured?

Contact you insurance provider directly should you have an insurance claim.


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