Investing in retirement property – Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate is an investor’s dream.

Investing in retirement property – Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate is an investor’s dream.

Investing in retirement property shows that property investment can come in various shapes, sizes and forms. Still, there is nothing as unique and rewarding as investing in a multi-purpose retirement property. 

This is not usually the first thing investors think of when deciding to start or grow their portfolio; however, Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate affords you an opportunity you cannot miss. 

An investment is not only about rands and cents but also the opportunity to secure a retirement unit now in a sought-after lifestyle estate for a loved one or rent out until you get to live there yourself. 

Investing in retirement property – factors to consider.

Two of the most important factors to consider before investing in retirement property are the quality of tenants within the development and the locality thereof. You want to ensure that the development is situated in a location that is still growing, which will ensure that your investment also increases with the value of the area itself as it develops. Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate, a lifestyle estate for people of 50+, offers you this and more. Located in Waterkloof Ridge, one of Pretoria’s leading suburbs, we provide the ideal location with guaranteed capital growth and established tenants with secured rental income who will also take good care of your unit. Our tenants tend to see the unit as their forever home and would prefer not to move again. You will likely have loyal, long-term tenants in your unit. If they needed to, they would rather migrate within the estate where they’ve created new friends and formed close relations within this close-knit community. All of this makes investing in retirement property an easy choice to make.

Waterkloof Marina is also one of the few full-ownership sectional title lifestyle estates within Gauteng, offering residents various on-site lifestyle and care facilities, including a waterfront lifestyle and the necessary medical care that may come with advanced age. The demand for this type of housing exceeds the supply, making this niche market even more attractive for prospective investors looking to invest in retirement property. It further ensures a constant high rental demand and greater capital appreciation than regular residential property.

With all these benefits in mind, remember that you are buying into a new development which means there is little to no maintenance required from the owner for the first few years, and with the stability of your tenant, the need for maintenance with most probably stay very low. 

Investing in retirement property is a generational investment. You can purchase the unit for investment first, make use of it yourself at a later stage and leave it to your children to once again use it as an investment. This cycle can continue for generations to come.

Investing in retirement property at Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate is not only an excellent financial investment but also provides peace of mind. Visit us on-site today to see why you should add this unique property to your investment portfolio!