On-site medical facilities in retirement estates

On-site medical facilities in retirement estates

On-site medical facilities in retirement estates do a great deal to alleviate children’s worries when it comes to their parents’ well-being. 

Children’s biggest desire is for their parents to enjoy an active lifestyle within a safe and tranquil environment during their golden years and still have access to emergency and non-emergency medical assistance when necessary. Not being available for immediate assistance in case an emergency arises can cause children some worry. Coupled with the rapid increase in life expectancy, more people reach 100 years, so the need for medical and lifestyle facilities on site is drastically increasing. 

What on-site medical facilities should you be looking for?

Ideally, adult children would like their parents to live in an environment where they can form part of a close-knit community that shares the same interests. Above all, they want to know that all the medical and support services they could require are already available within the retirement space. 

At Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate, we pride ourselves on the pristine lifestyle we offer our residents. Our primary objective is for residents to live independently in their units for as long as possible. Should someone require additional medical assistance, we will always first look at home-based care. We also offer various assisted living packages, including peep-in service, weekly cleaning of their unit, laundry service, and different meal options to suit each resident’s specific needs and requirements. If further medical assistance is required, the person does not have to leave the estate; we can transfer them to the 24-hour frail and dementia care centre, which is already available within the estate. An on-site ambulance, as well as assistance with medical or other personal appointments, are also available. 

These facilities provide peace of mind for both children and residents of Waterkloof Marina Retirement estate alike, knowing that should the need arise, they have immediate assistance at the press of a button. 

With the growing number of children settling abroad, as well as the busy schedules of others, allow us to take care of your parents when you are not around. 

Within this close-knit community, your parents have access to on-site medical facilities such as: 

? A 24-hour frail-care centre

? Medical consulting rooms

? A village nurse

? General healthcare and clinic services

? Home-based care

? Alzheimer’s and dementia care centre 

? Panic button

? A readily available ambulance

? Close proximity to major hospitals, specialists, and so much more.

Lifestyle facilities are offered within a secure environment, allowing all residents to stay mentally and physically active as they can use it from early in the morning until late at night. 

We understand you place a premium on your parents’ comfort and welfare, so visit Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate today and be sure to make the right choice for them by securing their dream retirement home.

After all, they deserve the best…