Our Excitement About Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate and 2019

Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate is progressing in leaps and bounds. After months of planning and preparation all approvals fell in place, the installation of municipal services on site are well underway and the showhouses are under construction. The launch date to our waiting list is currently scheduled for April 2019 with the public launch one to two months later. To date we have received unprecedented demand for these properties. More and more South Africans are recognising the extraordinary investment and lifestyle benefits that our luxury retirement lifestyle developments offer.

Waterkloof will offer all the benefits that Central Developments’retirement estates are so well known for, including:

It also offers full ownership and not just life rights as most other retirement developments do. This means you will own

• Quality on-site 24-hour frail-care and medical facilities as well as Dementia and Alzheimer* care,• effective security,• full ownership retirement property,• lifestyle centre from the first phase with complete support facilities

…all on your doorstep in the upmarket suburb of Waterkloof. It’s not hard to see why demand for Waterkloof Marina far outstrips supply. Add to this the extraordinary natural setting, birdlife, walking trails and the fact that it is Pretoria’s only waterfront retirement development and you soon realise that Waterkloof Marina encapsulates everything that retirement dreams are made of.

Retirement Estates aren’t just for the retired

Given the incredible investment growth in retirement lifestyle developments and the fact that it is developed as full ownership property that can be owned by a person of any age, many people take the opportunity to invest in these properties well ahead of retirement age, renting out the units and paying off the bonds until they’re ready to retire themselves. For those looking to scale down a little sooner and still live an active lifestyle, residency is from 50 years of age. It really gives you an opportunity to plan in advance for retirement.

The opportunity to buy at launch prices and share in the above-average capital growth and rental income typical of Central Developments’ full ownership retirement developments, highlights this new development as an opportunity not to be missed. With the added benefit of no transfer costs or bond registration fees, any property investor will easily identify it as an excellent opportunity even in slower market conditions.

Central Developments is positive about 2019

Talking about market conditions and the economy, South Africa has been through an extraordinary and eventful year on the economic and political front. At Central Developments, we kept a close eye on what happened in our country and are now very positive about the outlook for 2019 and beyond. There are many positive indicators that our country and economy are finally turning the corner and that our challenges, although still numerous, are being dealt with in a methodical, structured and positive way.It is easy to get bogged down in all the negative and populist rhetoric as we lead into an election year, but we are reminded of one very important fact: “Things are not getting worse. They are getting uncovered. We need to hold tight and continue to pull back the veil.” Our country has been through many major changes and political shifts and not once did we collapse. We’re not about to do so in 2019 either and it is time to shrug off the irrational pessimism and invest in positive actions and behaviours.

Adrian Gore, CEO of Discovery, was recently vocal about the fact that as South Africans, we are the most irrationally pessimistic country in the world, simply because we tend to focus only on the negative without looking at the full, balanced picture. We gather around braais and social events caught up in perpetual talk of declinism, firm in our ignorance of how national development indicators have actually improved and convinced that everything is on a downhill trajectory despite the facts that tell us otherwise.

It’s time to question our perpetual gloom, take off the blinkers and broaden our perspectives because if we don’t, we simply won’t see the many opportunities or our country’s progress, and there has been plenty.

The Central Developments list of 2018 wins

Just to reaffirm that we continue to live in one of the most extraordinary, open and democratic countries in the world and that none of our challenges are intractable or insoluble:

  • South Africa has $50 billion more committed foreign direct investment compared to last year this time as a result of President Ramaphosa’s investment drive.
  • We are officially out of recession. The South African economy grew by 2,2% quarter-on-quarter (seasonally adjusted and annualised) in the third quarter of 2018, bringing to an end the country’s second recession since 1994.
  • Regardless of your views on politics, 2019 will mark our sixth democratic, fair and peaceful elections, a model and inspiration on the continent.
  • South Africa is hands-down the most industrialised economy in Africa and has one of the most business-friendly environments worldwide. For entrepreneurs, there are very few countries in the world that are as embracing of start-ups with a great business plan and the tenacity to work hard.
  • Corruption and state capture are firmly in the spotlight and that’s something to be embraced. The judicial commission of inquiry into state capture is being chaired by deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo and those who were complicit in the pillage of our country are being called out and they are falling.
  • South Africa has not been downgraded to sub-investment grade which is positive for our economy and the cost of doing business.
  • SARS is firmly back on the road to becoming the world-class revenue service it was.
  • SOEs are no longer led by state capture enablers and Minister Pravin Gordhan is firmly in charge of the clean-up operations.
  • Jacob Zuma is no longer president and the Gupta’s are on the run.
  • The NPA has a new head in the very capable and respected Shamila Batohi as new National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP).
  • National Treasury is under firm and ethical control.
  • South Africa’s property market is still firmly a buyer’s market – for those with the cash it presents an opportunity to secure a prime property at pricing that may not have been possible otherwise. Legendary investor Warren Buffet said: “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful’. In a market characterised by pervasive pessimism on the back of all the policy uncertainty, the smart money is currently taking advantage of this by buying aggressively. The reality is that policy will be settled and South Africa will find a rational and reasonable solution to our challenges as we always do.

With all this in mind Central Developments would like to join you in embracing all that 2019 has to offer!

Do not forget to diarise the coming launch of Waterkloof Marina and certainly do not forget to share the prospects of a good property investment with your closest friends and family members.