Renting CAN be inexpensive!

You’ve just moved into your new rental property and renting a property means there is a whole lot you need to get done and pay before you and your family finally get to move into your new home.  From finding a suitable property to packing and moving there is a lot of planning and work, not to mention all the expenses.  Lucky for you, 2letnow offers rentals some of which COULD come complete with a month’s rent-free living!  

You may be thinking to yourself, what could I do with all the rent money I’ll be saving this month?

Cover the move

Now that you have a month’s worth of rent money, you can pay professional movers to move your valuable belongings into your new home for you.  This way you can ensure that everything arrives at the same time and you don’t even have to go to the trouble of packing and unpacking the moving truck.

Saving your rent money

One of the most obvious answers would be to save your first month’s rent money.  Perhaps you already have a little nest egg, this way you can expand on that, or maybe this will be your first deposit into a savings account, making you feel like you have accomplished something great!

Debt is expensive

An alternative to saving your money is to use that money to settle or minimise some of your existing debts.  If you were to settle just one high-interest account with your rent money you could be saving substantially in the long run.

What else can I spend my rent money on?

Perhaps you have no outstanding debts, lucky you!  Or you may already have a fairly healthy savings account.  Maybe you just don’t feel like putting your hard-earned money away and would like to spend it on yourself instead – you deserve it after all.  We’ve compiled a little awesome spending list for you to see what you could be spending your extra money on:

Family time

There are few things in life that feel as good as when you are able to take your family out for a special day.  You could even take them away for a weekend!  Just imagine being able to spend some much-needed quality time with your loved ones and knowing that you don’t have to worry about your budget the next day.

Invest in your home

You were thinking about getting some new appliances – now you can!  Why not get that new fridge you’ve been eyeing for the last few months?  Or maybe you need to expand on your current crockery collection. Regardless, you could have a lot of fun shopping for new kitchen items instead of paying that money over to the landlord that month.


Not that you have moved into a new property surely you want to add some personality to your home.  You can decorate your new rental with your saved rent money.  Now you can create your perfect living space and you don’t even have to take extra cash out of your budget to do it.

Garden care

Does your property come with a garden?  You can use your rent to create an outdoor sanctuary for yourself and your family.  Get some brightly coloured pot plants or plant a few perennials that are low maintenance.

Me time

Taking time for yourself is so important.  Now you can do it without feeling guilty about it!  Book yourself a spa day and go relax for the day while you are being pampered.  Upgrade your wardrobe with a shopping spree.  Do what will make you happy.

The gift of giving

Christmas time means a lot of expenses.  You can buy your Christmas gifts instead. This way you can get everyone that perfect gift and still have the money left to spend on yourself.  Or even to some birthday shopping upfront!