A booming buyer’s market in 2020 will ensure your future property investment value

“Prevention is better than cure”, that’s why now is the time for property investment.

Humanity will always be challenged by dark-cloud situations. However, for those who are willing to see the silver lining there will always be opportunities.

In the midst of the current COVID-19 pandemic which the world is facing, there are many positives to be found in the property market. These include:

  • Reduced interest rates which are at its lowest in decades,
  • potentially more favourable lending criteria from the financing institutions,
  • favourable pricing,
  • promotional buy-to-let offers and
  • a higher rental demand that strengthens the current buyer’s market even more.

Investing successfully to create sustainable wealth during these times depends on your ability to take more calculated risks and retaining your composure rather than selling the one thing that will always provide you with a security buffer: property.

Over the centuries property has proven to be one of the oldest and most stable asset classes for investment. It is a tangible and versatile asset which you can use as either a buy-to-let option or as your own steppingstone to get onto the property ladder, because you can sell one property to raise capital for a deposit on your next property.

Buy-to-let property is often seen as high risk, low return investment options by investors, mainly because investors don’t know what to look out for when buying their first investment property.

Typically, investors become negative about property because they might have bought the wrong property purely because of its low price, but in the wrong area, or their tenant vetting wasn’t done correctly, and they ended up with endless tenant problems.

However, with the guidance of the right property expert and useful information at your full disposal, you can’t see property as anything other than a low risk, high return investment. As with any type of investment, it is of the utmost importance to make use of other people’s experience and expertise when it comes to property investment.

When you invest through Central Developments’ dedicated Buy2Let division, all the hard work and research have already been done for you because they know the industry and their properties are developed according to the market’s demands. You have full access to all their property investment experience, expertise, support and promotional offers, so you as an investor don’t have to go hunt for the ideal opportunities – it is handed to you on a silver platter.