Breedezicht is the ideal spot for your holiday home!

Why Breedezicht is the ideal location for a coastal holiday home

If you want to purchase a coastal holiday home, any property expert will strongly advise you to consider buying property along the Garden Route.

The Garden Route is a 300-kilometre stretch of the south-eastern coast of South Africa which extends from Witsand in the Western Cape to the border of Tsitsikamma Storms River in the Eastern Cape. The name comes from the verdant and ecologically diverse vegetation encountered here and the numerous estuaries and lakes dotted along the coast.


But, with so many locations to pick from, where do you even begin house-hunting for the ultimate coastal holiday home?

It is also about convenience

If unspoiled nature and peace and quiet are what you are after, then Breedezicht Estate will tick all the boxes, and more. Located in the small coastal town of Witsand, Breedezicht Estate is conveniently situated 34 kilometres off the N2 highway, only 150 kilometres from Mossel Bay and 300 kilometres from Cape Town.

Choose the holiday home that suits your style

The development offers 120 full-title, fully service stands next to the Breede River and the Indian Ocean, with options available offering great views of the river, the nearby mountains, or the vast rolling farmlands.

Homebuyers can pick from five exquisite historically identifiable architectural styles, namely: Cape Heritage, Fisherman’s Cottage, Modern Beach, New England, and Vermont. House sizes range from 122 mto 450 m2, and you can customise the plans to suit your personal tastes and preferences. All the houses also include energy-saving features such as water tanks, gas stove and gas heating options, and solar panels to supply water heating.

Everything you want from a coastal holiday location

Breedezicht Estate is the ideal holiday spot for buyers who enjoy the tranquility of nature and outdoor activities. The main attraction, the Breede River, is perfect for fishing, and water sports such as kite surfing, rowing, canoeing, tubing, or a sunset boat ride up the river. River or sea cruises and fishing charters are also readily available.

For those who prefer hiking or birdwatching, De Hoop Nature Reserve is right on our doorstep and offers 3 000 hectares of undisturbed fynbos, 260 different species of birds, and is home to the endangered Cape mountain zebra and Cape vulture. You can also take a walk on the pristine beaches and do whale watching – Witsand is known as the whale nursery of South Africa. Between June and November the southern right whales migrate to nearby Saint Sebastian Bay, where they come to breed in the peaceful waters. 

Another perfect family outing is to have a meal or sundowners at one of the five local Witsand restaurants, including The Anchorage Beach Restaurant and Bar, Pili Pili River Restaurant, and The Breede River Lodge and Fishing Resort. Another firm favourite amongst locals and holiday-goers is The Bush Pub. Go by car or take a scenic cruise up the river to get there.

Enjoy a peaceful coastal holiday home at Breedezicht

Breedezicht Estate truly is the ideal spot for holiday-home-buyers who enjoy a peaceful, safe, and truly South African vacation. Besides offering buyers complete peace of mind, adventure, and an abundance of nature, your holiday home will also be a great investment! This said, you can make the best of your holiday home both in or out of season and there is the option of holiday letting while you are not using it yourself.  

If Breedezicht Estate is exactly what you’ve been looking for in a holiday home, then feel free to contact Central Developments for further information. Central Developments is well-respected in South Africa’s property development industry and has a diversified track record, achieved over more than 25 years.

Live the dream retirement lifestyle at Breedezicht Estate

Why Breedezicht offers the ideal retirement lifestyle

Dream retirement lifestyle
Dream retirement lifestyle
Dream retirement lifestyle

When looking for your dream retirement lifestyle, you should consider that this year’s property trends have again highlighted that South Africans will continue to semigrate to coastal towns, particularly those within the Western Cape. The increasing number of coastal homebuyers has mainly been young families and retirees looking for a better quality of life that prioritises less congestion and safer open spaces.

If you are a soon-to-be retiree who is eager to make this shift and live your dream retirement lifestyle, then Breedezicht Estate is, without a doubt, the perfect spot for you. Surrounded by vast rolling farmlands and views overlooking the Breede River estuary and the Indian Ocean, any nature lover will quickly feel at home.

The ideal coastal location for the perfect retirement lifestyle

Breedezicht Estate is located in the small coastal town of Witsand that is situated close to major towns and cities – just 34 km off the N2 highway, 150 km from Mossel Bay, 300 km from Cape Town, and a quick 80 km from Swellendam. This is especially appealing to retired residents who enjoy exploring the surrounding areas, like going on weekend getaways or running their errands in one of the nearby towns.  

Our secure, gated development is both luxurious and practical

The gated development offers 120 full-title, fully serviced stands secured by perimeter fencing. Residents’ safety and peace of mind are a top priority, making it perfect for retirees who enjoy a relaxed living environment. 

Homebuyers can pick from five exquisite historically identifiable architectural styles: Cape Heritage, Fisherman’s Cottage, Modern Beach, New England, and Vermont. House sizes range from 122 mto 450 m2, and you can customise the plans to suit your personal tastes and preferences. All the houses also include energy-saving features such as water tanks, gas stoves and gas heating options, and solar panels to supply water heating.

Stay active and social while retired

Breedezicht Estate’s prime location will ensure that you stay active and social even during your golden years. Our retired residents enjoy a variety of activities, of which some include: 

  • Taking long walks on the beach.
  • Fishing, canoeing, or rowing on the Breede River.
  • Taking sunset boat rides up the river with friends and family.
  • Birdwatching or hiking in De Hoop Nature Reserve.
  • Watching the southern right whales in the bay.
  • Enjoying a sundowner or meal in one of the five local restaurants.

Surround yourself with a caring community

Besides the peace and quiet, the picturesque setting, and the active and secure lifestyle that Breedezicht Estate offers retirees, there is also the benefit of belonging to a friendly and tight-knit community. Both inside the estate and in town, you will find a down-to-earth community of residents who look out for one another and are always willing to help.

Don’t miss out on securing your spot!

If Breedezicht Estate is exactly what you’ve been looking for when you think of your dream retirement lifestyle, then now is the time to make your move. Stands are selling at below market-related prices, and building packages are available at cost.

For further information about our development feel free to contact Central Developments. Central Developments is well-respected in South Africa’s property development industry and has a diversified and proven track record, achieved over more than 30 years.

What makes a retirement development work?

What makes a retirement development work?

Retirement development
Retirement development
Retirement development

The high demand for a home in a secured retirement development has inspired property developers throughout South Africa to re-look their offerings and up their game. Like building a standalone property, a successful retirement development needs a solid foundation to ensure long-term success.

Development location

We have always been told that the three most important factors when buying a home are location, location, location. Choosing the right area can create desirability, demand and bump up real estate prices.
The position of a retirement development is even more critical given the type of residents living there. Retirees want to remain close to their community of friends and loved ones, so choosing an estate connected to a central transport network is essential. In a bid to create even greater convenience, some developers have even gone as far as placing a retirement component within larger lifestyle estates to allow for independent, multi-generational living.
As well as great transport links, the estate should also not be far from amenities like shops and banks so that homeowners can access these easily.

Retirement lifestyle

Moving to a retirement development gives residents more benefits than what they would get if they downscale. As well as a home, residents also buy into a lifestyle and sometimes an entirely new approach to life.
Lifestyle can mean different things to different people, but developers’ opportunities to create wonderfully attractive estates are endless.
For some, a successful retirement village is a bit like a holiday resort – the more leisure amenities and essential facilities conveniently located near home, the better. As a result, places to socialise, like bars, cafés, restaurants or venues for larger gatherings, are always popular. Similarly, places to relax, like parks, swimming pools and spas, have huge appeal, as do community-building initiatives like weekly yoga classes and bird-watching groups.
For others, living in a retirement estate essentially means safety and security, with someone always on hand to assist in emergencies. The security offering will play a big part in keeping homeowners happy and at ease, so having a robust security operation is vital.
Good health enables a more comfortable lifestyle, and retirement estates that offer on-site medical services tend to be more attractive to buyers. Over the years, retirement developments have amplified their medical care options, ranging from essential health assistance to purpose-built assisted living homes. On-site frail care facilities, 24-hour care services, and specialist and continuous care for age-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Financial security in a retirement development

To establish the financial security of a retirement scheme, investors need to consider several factors. Retirement schemes can be a balancing act between the number of levy payers and the cost of the lifestyle facilities on offer. This is when the reputation of the developers, the medical care supplier, and the development’s size become instrumental to the estate’s financial sustainability.
Larger developments have a greater levy base, which can assist in keeping levy costs stable. Purchasing a unit in a sectional-title development offers investors some protection through the Sectional Title Management Act, ensuring the development has both a maintenance and capital reserve budget.
In most cases, retirees usually downsize from a sizeable freestanding property to a retirement development, which could mean they have freed up some capital that can support their retirement lifestyle. However, it is crucial to consider the costs for medical care, as, in most retirement communities, levies only include basic care. It is also worth researching if the developer has any solution in place that would allow the retiree to access the capital within the unit for medical care.

Management of a retirement development

Developers should place a lot of thought and attention on this final pillar, as it can often make or break an estate. Living in a retirement estate essentially means maintenance-free living. Residents want to see that communal areas are clean, well maintained, and that thought has gone into things like the size of pathways to allow for wheelchair access.
Much of this will be tasked to a management team, who will oversee the estate’s day-to-day running and ensure it’s run smoothly and incident-free. Part of their job will include collecting the levy, ensuring service providers such as gardeners, security patrollers, and medical staff provide great customer service. Any issues or problems are solved effectively and timeously.
Management can set the tone for the entire estate, so regular communication with homeowners and processes are in place for when they wish to raise a complaint.

Your retirement social life starts at 60

Your retirement social life starts at 60

Imagine a retirement estate with just shy of 1,000 units filled with your peers. The possibilities for friendship and companionship in retirement are endless and you are sure to discover a whole new world of activities that you would love. An estate where your family is embraced, where you are welcomed into the bigger family of Celebration Retirement Estate with open arms and where the management’s only job is to make your life a safe, healthy, comfortable, and beautiful one!

Celebration Retirement Estate is the way to go in Johannesburg

Sixty is the new 40. This has become the norm and we do not say it to pacify the retired community. It is a fact, given our higher life expectancy and increasingly more people living productive lives well into their 80s. With 12 retirement estates under their belt, Central Developments is the premier provider of high-quality retirement lifestyle options and this time, they have outdone themselves by constructing their first mega retirement estate.

Moving into Celebration Retirement Estate is like moving into the proverbial sweet shop. The enjoyment just never stops in this high-end facility that caters for your every need (and want). The estate is managed by CSi Property Management and run by a board representing the Homeowners’ Association. This gives you peace of mind because CSi is known for their attention to detail and keen customer focus.

Retirement is a lifestyle

The lifestyle centre is the nerve centre of this estate and includes a reception area, a lounge, TV room, library, communal hall, games room, braai facilities, a heated indoor swimming pool, frail-care centre, coffee shop, and a restaurant. This centre was already constructed during phase one of the estate and has been fully operational since day one. The coffee shop and restaurant cater for you and your family’s palates, and your monthly levy already includes eight meals from the restaurant. Takeaways and meals delivered to your home are also available at an additional cost.

The lifestyle centre is buzzing with activity that includes movie nights, bingo, line dancing, yoga classes, ballroom dancing, and an English and Afrikaans church service on Sundays. The games room is readily supplied with cards, puzzles, pool tables, and even a life-size chessboard in the celebration corner. Other amenities include a hairdresser, nail bar, beauty salon, laundromat, and a shuttle service that takes residents to Northgate Mall on a Wednesday and a Friday.

Retirement has more to it

The 30-bed frail-care centre has medical staff available night and day. Those residents who prefer to rather recuperate from a medical episode or operation at home can be cared for to the same level of excellence in the comfort of their own homes. Meals can also be ordered for delivery to your doorstep.

The estate management endeavours to keep the estate eco-friendly, so the estate hosts a lovely eco-garden with walking trails and benches for leisurely walks, birdwatching or a quick jog. The walking trails extend beyond the gardens and provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere for recreation and exercise.

A retirement full of benefits

Moving closer to home, the estate offers a variety of accommodation options. Firstly, it has four-level apartment blocks with elevator access. The ground floor apartments have their own private gardens and those on the upper floors have balconies. Don’t worry; there are strong generators for the days when Eskom decides to shed its load. You can choose between one- and two-bedroom units in this range. Secondly, the houses, either freestanding or semi-detached, have either two or three bedrooms. All the houses come complete with private gardens for some indigenous green therapy. Two small dogs are allowed; however, cats can unfortunately not be accommodated.

As a family-oriented estate, your loved ones will always be welcome at Celebration Retirement Estate. Family members can stay over for a period of 11 days and up to two months with permission from the board. This means that your grandchildren can always visit gran during holidays and for sleepovers.

In our society, security is a crucial consideration, especially as you grow older, and here too Celebration Retirement Estate does not disappoint. The entrance gates have biometric access control technology and are manned by security guards 24/7. Residents also receive panic buttons to use when they feel unsafe, fall ill or need emergency assistance.

All the facilities mentioned here are covered in your monthly levy, while services such as the hairdresser, laundromat, and restaurant are for your own account, but at pensioner rates. We, therefore, suggest that you visit immediately to secure your retirement future! All accommodation is full ownership and can be bought even before you are 50, which is the minimum occupation age.

Life rights vs full ownership

Life rights vs full ownership

“I love you, Gran, and this house will always remind me of you. When I am your age, I want to stay right here.” Your heart sinks because you know that will not be possible. You only have life rights to this place you now call home, and when you move on, you will only get a small portion of your initial investment back, and someone else will occupy the property. However, if you invest in a retirement estate with full ownership in a sectional title scheme, like Celebration Retirement Estate, you can bequeath your home to your family like any of your other assets.

What is full ownership?

With full ownership, you buy your home, and it is yours for the keeping. In fact, you can even buy it before retiring and lease it out until you are ready to move into this exciting over-50s lifestyle estate. In addition, as time goes by, your investment will continue to grow exponentially, and your children and grandchildren will one day reap the benefits of this growth. Think of it as a specialised sectional title property, one that specifically caters for your needs as you age.

The sectional title scheme has a Homeowners’ Association and a board representing the HOA, the estate management (in this case CSi Property Management), and the developer (Central Developments). The board is responsible for the estate and sees to the security, upkeep, orderliness, complaints, types and quality of services, etc. Requests for changes to the outside of your property will also serve before them for approval. The good news is that the inside of your property is yours to do as you please!

What about life rights?

Celebration Retirement Estate is the thirteenth retirement estate developed by Central Developments since 2010. With so much knowledge and experience under their belt, you can’t expect anything less than the best possible product. Over the years, Central Developments has gained their clients’ trust by delivering quality houses and apartments, exactly as promised. But their quality doesn’t end there. Celebration is a prime example of a modern lifestyle community for over-50s that shouts ‘quality living’ from the moment you enter the estate to when you leave.

‘For us, it is a celebration of a decision well made – coming to something small, compact and well organised. We did it, and we miss nothing of what we have left behind. That is a celebration!’ says one new resident, and she is just one of many happy residents who now call Celebration their home.

Investing in full ownership

Property is a fixed asset and a much better investment than a car, a boat, or a trip around the world! (Mind you, when you do go on that trip, don’t hesitate to invite me along J). When you have full ownership, you own your home outright, and you know that it is an investment that will keep growing and can be bequeathed or sold as you see fit.

When compared to life rights, full ownership is by far the better option for all these reasons. Celebration Retirement Estate offers full ownership of all its properties, whether you choose an apartment or house. The use of all the amenities is included in your levies, and you can start investing as soon as possible.

Full ownership at Celebration Retirement Estate

Finally, Celebration Retirement Estate is conveniently close to the M1, N1 and N14 right opposite Northgate Mall, close to the TicketPro Dome, and not far from the botanical gardens and Silverstar Casino either. It has state-of-the-art, 24-hour security, a lifestyle and frail-care centre and lovely walking trails with seating areas where you can enjoy the eco gardens. If you live in a ground floor apartment or a house, you also have your own private garden to flex your green fingers. You can even bring two small dogs along (however, rather gift your feline companion to a loving family as cats can unfortunately not be accommodated).

Celebration is one of 12 prestigious retirement estates developed by Central Developments. These estates are unique in their total offering. With almost 1,000 units at Celebration, your opportunities for activities and making new friends are almost endless.

I remember fondly how my grandmother started playing cards in all earnest when she moved to a retirement estate. Something she would never have been caught doing before, being a pastor’s wife and all!

So, my question to you is, why wait? Invest in a full ownership retirement property today and get an investment that will grow with you.

Why Celebration Retirement Estate is the Best Choice

Why Celebration Retirement Estate is the Best Choicee

These days, retirement offers you many more options to choose from – you can move, scale down or stay where you are. It’s good to do your homework and evaluate all of your options, so you choose what is best for you. Dr Ndileka Shuenyane, an investor who bought a house for her parents-in-law, believes they have made the right choice at Celebration Retirement Estate: ‘They get to meet people their age, who are going through a similar life stage. They have similar things to talk about. They found a community here, which is nice.’ Many of our residents echo this statement. Not only does our retirement estate offer excellent lifestyle facilities, but you will also become part of a community that cares.

A perfectly located retirement estate

Celebration Retirement Estate is situated in North Riding, north of Johannesburg, and is conveniently close to various shopping centres, hospitals, golf courses, entertainment and recreation venues, churches and airports. Being so conveniently located, our residents can continue having an active lifestyle. They also have access to all the amenities right there on their doorstep in the estate. ‘Everyone is very friendly; people walk around because you can safely go for a walk at any time, and it’s close to everything,’ confirms resident, Roy Balfour de Stadler. ‘I was surprised by how modern this retirement estate looks; it doesn’t look like an old age home at all; this is a real lock-up-and-go, 50-plus, lifestyle estate.

A retirement estate with all the right features

Another valuable feature of this retirement estate is the 24-hour frail-care centre, including an emergency panic button response system. In addition, there are on-site doctor’s consulting rooms and basic health care services. Peace-of-mind healthcare is essential at Celebration; residents know that our medical support team is at their full disposal should they need it.

Celebration gives you an opportunity to live an active lifestyle that starts at the impressive world-class lifestyle centre with a restaurant, coffee shop, library and hair and beauty salon. There is also a heated swimming pool for residents to enjoy. The games and entertainment area is where residents can get involved in different hobbies and socialise with their friends.

‘The community is amazing,’ says Sindi, who lives at Celebration with her mom. ‘The people are helpful. I would highly recommend moving in before retirement so you can enjoy all the facilities.’

The estate’s 2.7-hectare protected green area gives residents ample opportunity to enjoy nature by walking, jogging or just having a picnic with family and friends. There are also many viewpoints along the paved walkways where residents can spot different bird species and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the surrounding hills at the end of the day.

Safety and security are top priorities

‘Living in a securely guarded estate makes you feel safe at all times,’ says Sindi. The safety of all our residents is of the utmost importance to us, so Celebration has state-of-the-art security, including a guardhouse at the main entrance with strict biometric access control, a perimeter fence and patrolling security guards inside the estate. There are also panic buttons available to all residents in case of an emergency.

Bob Stevens, the manager at Celebration Retirement Estate, says, ‘It is important that our residents are looked after physically as well as spiritually. Therefore, it is important to have church services and prayer meetings, and social events so that everyone can get out of the house a bit and spend some time socialising with others.’ The community interaction at Celebration uplifts our residents’ spirits; it helps them appreciate life and the beauty of growing old together.

Celebration retirement estate is the obvious choice

Whether you are buying, renting or just investing at Celebration, it will enrich your life in one way or another. With Village 2 under construction, there will soon be 976 houses and apartments on the estate. The excellent security, active lifestyle and frail-care centre is an impressive combination giving people over 50 peace of mind that they will enjoy a comfortable, safe and enjoyable retirement at Celebration Retirement Estate. This is evident from the testimonials from so many of our satisfied residents.

‘Retirement is not necessarily a time to just sit back and do nothing; it is a phase in your life where you want to enjoy the fruits of many years of labour,’ declares Bob Stevens. Celebration Retirement Estate is the right choice for anyone who agrees with him and is ready to enter this caring, yet carefree, community.

Top tips when buying a retirement property

Top tips when buying a retirement property

Looking for the right property to settle down in for your retirement is exciting and a little daunting at the same time. Exciting, because it represents something new and fresh at a time when you get to slow down, escape the rat race and enjoy your silver years in a home that caters for a far more laid back you. It’s a little daunting too, as it also means significant change and forward planning for a future that is essentially unknown.

“In planning for retirement, people usually look to buy into an active lifestyle with the very best amenities, leisure, social and medical facilities, as well as good investment returns. At the same time, no one knows what the future may hold, so frail-care facilities from the first phase and state-of-the-art security are probably two of the most important upfront determinants of where to buy your retirement nest,” explains Jeannie Beetge, Central Developments’ Marketing Manager for Celebration Retirement Estate.

As one of the largest and most successful developers of luxury retirement lifestyle developments in South Africa, Central Developments offers the following important tips to consider when buying a retirement property:

Buying retirement property – life rights vs full ownership

Ownership structures vary between life rights and full ownership in a retirement lifestyle development. A life rights agreement means that you buy the right to occupy the property or unit for as long as desired, but you never own it, nor can you bequeath it to anyone after you pass on. With full ownership, you own your property in the retirement development, as well as an undivided share of the common property (since it is in a sectional title scheme). You, therefore, reap the full benefits of the capital growth, and you will be able to leave your retirement property to your loved ones.

Developer’s track record

This is a crucial consideration when buying a retirement property. Buy from an established developer with a proven track record in developing retirement properties. Check out their completed projects and whether they delivered as promised. This is especially important when buying off-plan in a new development, as you will typically be buying off an artist’s impression and the developer’s promises.

Check whether the developer can deliver on the promised facilities and amenities. Buyers are often promised frail-care facilities and a lifestyle centre in later phases of the development only to see them take years longer or, in fact, never materialise as they are notoriously expensive and challenging to establish and operate.

The developer also has to ensure that a qualified managing agent and service providers are appointed. This skill comes with experience and could make the difference between the success or failure of a retirement estate. It is therefore crucial that you look at the developer’s track record and experience.

Managing agent’s track record

In terms of locality, the estate is perfectly situated close to airports, various shopping centres, recreation venues, The managing agent must have a well-established track record and be a member of the various bodies governing the industry such as the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) and the National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA), and have a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. The managing agent is responsible for the financial management to the Body Corporate, as well as assisting with maintenance, management and smooth operations within the estate, so the role comes with significant responsibilities and trust.

Local Amenities

Proximity to amenities both inside and outside the retirement estate is important. Externally, you want to be close to hospitals, shopping hubs, churches, entertainment, social spots, and main transport routes. Within the estate, look out for recreation and lifestyle facilities such as a dining room, gardens and walking routes, frail care and on-site medical services, as well as other conveniences such as a hair salon, library, social clubs and so on.

Monthly Costs

Know what the levies are and the annual rate of escalation. These should make sense when compared with the monthly expenses and upkeep of a house along with all the security costs, maintenance, and risks of being isolated in advanced age. Another important aspect is efficient and sustainable green design to keep your living costs down. Energy-saving technology and materials deliver at least 20% more energy savings than the norm, resulting in lower water and electricity bills at the end of the month. Celebration Retirement Estate is in fact the first retirement development in Gauteng to be registered for EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiency) certification by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Changing healthcare and mobility needs

There is a lot to think about when buying a retirement property, but one of the key things to consider is the ability to meet your changing needs within the same development. Earlier on, people are looking for free-standing homes where they can enjoy their garden, the outdoors and their independence. Later, should their health and physical abilities change, they can move to a smaller apartment and access home-based care while recuperating from a health event, or even move into frail care for 24-hour care if required – all within the same development. Design aspects such as wheelchair access with ramps built at the correct inclines and wide enough doorways are equally important at all entrances and exits to your home and within the estate facilities.


Being in South Africa, as with all residential developments, security is a crucial consideration. With advancing age comes increased vulnerability to opportunistic criminals. Make sure that the lifestyle retirement estate you buy into provides state-of-the-art security measures such as 24-hour security and patrols, access control, perimeter electric fencing, number plate recognition, CCTV surveillance and personal emergency buttons linking you to the on-site security and medical services.

“The most important driver for savvy South Africans buying into retirement living is to secure a service-enriched, secure residential lifestyle that’s all about making their silver years as independent, comfortable and burden-free as possible, with a great return on investment too,” concludes Jeannie.

Quality Retirement Lifestyle at Celebration Retirement Estate

Quality Retirement Lifestyle at Celebration Retirement Estate

retirement lifestyle
retirement lifestyle
retirement lifestyle

People seldom just stumble upon good quality – it’s usually hard to come by, and finding it requires researching and exploring all the available options. But first, you must know what you perceive as excellence. When it comes to quality retirement, ask yourself what your ideal retirement lifestyle will look like; only then your search can begin. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, though, and you don’t need to search too far because there is a retirement estate in the north of Johannesburg that offers the ultimate in quality retirement lifestyle.

A relaxing lifestyle

Celebration Retirement Estate offers its residents the opportunity to retire in luxury and welcomes people over 50 into its warm, caring, and active community with open arms.

Our lifestyle centre forms the core of community living. With a stylish restaurant, hair and beauty salon, coffee shop, library, and recreation hall, residents can get together to socialise and enjoy various activities. We promote an active retirement lifestyle, which is easy to obtain here. For the more active at heart, there is a heated swimming pool for activities like water aerobics. Residents can also take leisurely strolls on the many walkways along the 2.7-hectare protected green space and enjoy the beautiful views, birdlife, and small animals of the area. With so many amenities and activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Retirement lifestyle with backing

Celebration Retirement Estate is the thirteenth retirement estate developed by Central Developments since 2010. With so much knowledge and experience under their belt, you can’t expect anything less than the best possible product. Over the years, Central Developments has gained their clients’ trust by delivering quality houses and apartments, exactly as promised. But their quality doesn’t end there. Celebration is a prime example of a modern lifestyle community for over-50s that shouts ‘quality living’ from the moment you enter the estate to when you leave.

‘For us, it is a celebration of a decision well made – coming to something small, compact and well organised. We did it, and we miss nothing of what we have left behind. That is a celebration!’ says one new resident, and she is just one of many happy residents who now call Celebration their home.

Close to the amenities you would want

In terms of locality, the estate is perfectly situated close to airports, various shopping centres, recreation venues, churches, and hospitals, which all add to the lifestyle it offers. Residents can easily walk to the newly refurbished Northgate Shopping Centre or enjoy a round of golf or bowls just a short distance away. Montecasino also has much to offer, such as fine dining, gambling, or theatre, and is only a 15-minute drive away.

retirement lifestyle

The support you need

One of the biggest advantages of this retirement estate is the on-site 30-bed frail-care unit and medical support services. Even though we promote an active lifestyle, retirees need to be prepared for any eventuality, especially the medical challenges that could come with ageing. Residents can rest assured that they have full access to 24-hour emergency and medical support services, or even frail care should they ever need it. In addition, we also offer home-based care options for those who prefer to recuperate at home. Residents don’t have to leave the grounds to visit a doctor since there are consulting rooms on the premises. These services offer peace of mind and assurance that our residents are well taken care of at all times.

A safe and secure retirement lifestyle

Besides medical support and care, security is the most important consideration for retirees. Will you be safe? How will you sleep at night? Can you trust your security system? A secure perimeter wall topped by electric fencing surrounds the estate. It also has a guardhouse with strict security protocols and biometric access control for anyone entering or leaving the estate. Inside the estate, each resident has a panic button linked to the guardhouse and frail-care facility. Roaming guards also patrol the premises day and night to ensure that all residents are safe and secure.

If you are looking for the best all-around quality retirement lifestyle, Celebration Retirement Estate certainly ticks all the boxes. With the sales of Village Two launching soon, more people can now buy or rent here and become part of the family. Start celebrating your retirement by making Celebration your home today!

Retirement – A Celebration of Life: Make the most of your retirement!

Retirement – A Celebration of Life: Make the most of your retirement!

Retirement should be the phase of your life filled with relaxation, enjoyment and doing as your heart desires. This is precisely what Celebration Retirement Estate aims to offer residents when they join our community. Of course, there are also luxurious houses and apartments, and extensive facilities that cater to every possible need. But most importantly, at Celebration, you become part of a community of like-minded people who celebrate their silver years together.

Our secure location provides convenience and freedom of movement

Located in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, Celebration Retirement Estate is conveniently positioned between the N1 and N14 highways. Northgate Shopping Centre is within walking distance, and a 15-minute drive will take you to outstanding medical facilities and major golf or sports clubs. The safety and peace of mind of our residents are of the utmost importance. We thus offer 24-hour security, CCTV camera systems, and vigilant security personnel who oversee the entering and exiting of visitors at our estate gates, creating a secure setting ideal for staying active and socialising outside with neighbours. Residents feel completely at ease when strolling on our walkways or accompanying their grandchildren on a bike ride.

Enjoy scenic views from the comfort of your home

Investing in retirement property at a young age doesn’t mean you have to retire. You also don’t have to move in just yet. Perhaps you want to work for another five years or are still enjoying your current home. In the meantime, you can increase your retirement investment even further by renting out the property for additional income. The retired market makes for the ideal tenant as they don’t plan on moving out soon and are also responsible rent payers. This takes away the rush of moving immediately and allows you to do so when the time is ready. If the house requires any building Both the houses and apartments that form part of our estate integrate beautifully with nature. Considering that many of our residents have green fingers, this truly is a blessing! Homeowners and residents living in ground floor apartments enjoy their own private gardens, which they can personalise to their taste. We do, however, encourage gardening with water-wise and indigenous plants, as the estate borders a protected green area. Residents who prefer to live in our apartments can bask in the afternoon sun thanks to their north-facing balconies. The apartments overlook the rolling hills, and on a clear day, some residents can even see the Magaliesberg mountain range!

The heart of the community

Thinking ahead really pays off when it comes to purchasing a retirement property. As a buyer, you could If one building reflects our estate’s community-centric atmosphere, then it is the lifestyle centre. Our residents come here to socialise over cake and tea, relax in the library or enjoy a morning yoga session in the recreation hall. The lifestyle centre includes a variety of amenities; offering our residents many activities to choose from. Book an appointment at the hair and beauty salon, swim a few laps in the heated indoor swimming pool or treat your guests to a delicious meal in the dining room. Residents can even pop in at the kiosk if they run out of necessities, like milk or toothpaste. A frail-care facility and doctor’s consultation room are also connected to the lifestyle centre so that all our amenities are in one place.

Where neighbours become friends

Choosing to retire at Celebration Retirement Estate marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter! So many of our residents have expressed how fulfilled their lives are by being part of our community. At Celebration, our residents soon become part of this caring community and form valuable new friendships with the like-minded people around them. There will always be someone to assist with your needs, and offer a helping hand; whether a neighbour, a friend or one of our caregivers. Being part of such an active community helps our residents to really enjoy life! Neighbours often join each other for a Saturday afternoon braai in the garden and go for walks together. Residents also have the freedom to take the initiative and make themselves at home in our community. A perfect example of this is our herb garden. A group of residents started the garden to encourage people to plant and pick herbs whenever they please. There are also several other green areas where residents can enjoy therapeutic gardening. With so many different things to do and time for socialising, you are bound to become part of our family.

Invest in your happiness by choosing us as your retirement partner

Investing in retirement property – the benefits of starting at a young age

Investing in retirement property – the benefits of starting at a young age

Retirement estates and villages have grown substantially over the past few years, not only in market size and interest but also in the type of lifestyle that it offers buyers. These factors are changing people’s perceptions about retirement and are attracting a new buyer demographic. Buyers below the age of fifty are noticing the investment opportunity that comes with purchasing a retirement home early on. In fact, the benefits go beyond a great return on investment. Regardless of your age, here is why you should consider investing in retirement property:

You secure a more sustainable financial investment

The demand for retirement property continues to increase, with buyers being able to pick from an array of excellent choices. Considering the variety of retirement estates and villages in South Africa, this competitive market secures an even better long-term investment. Higher demand also means that the yearly capital appreciation will be on the rise. Should you decide to sell, your return on investment will most likely be above average.

The property can be rented out

Investing in retirement property at a young age doesn’t mean you have to retire. You also don’t have to move in just yet. Perhaps you want to work for another five years or are still enjoying your current home. In the meantime, you can increase your retirement investment even further by renting out the property for additional income. The retired market makes for the ideal tenant as they don’t plan on moving out soon and are also responsible rent payers. This takes away the rush of moving immediately and allows you to do so when the time is ready. If the house requires any building adjustments or you want to spend money on the interior, the extra cash flow from your rental fee might just come in handy!

It saves time and trouble if an unexpected event occurs

Thinking ahead really pays off when it comes to purchasing a retirement property. As a buyer, you could still be in your forties; however, your parents or another relative could be reaching retirement age. An unexpected event might also require them to move into a secure estate. Instead of having to put their names on a waiting list, your family members will immediately be able to move into your property. This will save money for the whole family and prevent the stress of coming up with a quick solution.

You will have peace of mind for the future

Don’t underestimate retirement planning, as it takes time and effort. When you start planning in your younger years, it leaves fewer implications for the future. For one, your financial circumstances could suddenly change, or the availability in your first-choice retirement estate might decrease. Thus, give yourself peace of mind for the future by purchasing retirement property well in advance. If you decide you want to retire earlier than expected, you can do so.

Enjoy a safer, more convenient lifestyle

These days, most retirement estates and villages do not feel like retirement living at all. Most estates and villages are equipped with excellent facilities that cater for your health, entertainment, and leisure needs. The houses and apartments are also more spacious so that your immediate living environment is both enjoyable and convenient. Most importantly, retirement properties are often located in secure, gated communities that offer a lock-up-and-go solution. This extra security provides a stress-free lifestyle where you feel safe roaming outside and continue to live actively. This makes investing in retirement property a safe and smart choice.

Your children will also reap the benefits of your investment

Property is one of the few valuable assets that can stay in families for generations. Your children and perhaps even your grandchildren can inherit the retirement home that you purchase. However, it goes beyond inheritance because, for many families, owning a property signifies lifelong memories. Thus, when you do your research properly and purchase in a top-class retirement estate, which offers full-title properties, your family’s next generation will also benefit from your decision. Looking at these benefits, any buyer would agree that it is never too early to start investing in a retirement property. It saves time, money, and unnecessary stress! If you are eager to discuss your options or want to learn more about our retirement estates, contact our RetireNow sales team.

Our Excitement About
Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate and 2019

All about Waterkloof Marina

Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate is progressing in leaps and bounds. After months of planning and preparation all approvals fell in place, the installation of municipal services on site are well underway and the showhouses are under construction. The launch date to our waiting list is currently scheduled for April 2019 with the public launch one to two months later. To date we have received unprecedented demand for these properties. More and more South Africans are recognising the extraordinary investment and lifestyle benefits that our luxury retirement lifestyle developments offer.

Waterkloof will offer all the benefits that Central Developments’
retirement estates are so well known for, including:

It also offers full ownership and not just life rights as most other retirement developments do. This means you will own

• Quality on-site 24-hour frail-care and medical facilities as well as Dementia and Alzheimer* care,
• effective security,
• full ownership retirement property,
• lifestyle centre from the first phase with complete support facilities

…all on your doorstep in the upmarket suburb of Waterkloof. It’s not hard to see why demand for Waterkloof Marina far outstrips supply. Add to this the extraordinary natural setting, birdlife, walking trails and the fact that it is Pretoria’s only waterfront retirement development and you soon realise that Waterkloof Marina encapsulates everything that retirement dreams are made of.

Retirement Estates aren’t just for the retired

Given the incredible investment growth in retirement lifestyle developments and the fact that it is developed as full ownership property that can be owned by a person of any age, many people take the opportunity to invest in these properties well ahead of retirement age, renting out the units and paying off the bonds until they’re ready to retire themselves. For those looking to scale down a little sooner and still live an active lifestyle, residency is from 50 years of age. It really gives you an opportunity to plan in advance for retirement.

The opportunity to buy at launch prices and share in the above-average capital growth and rental income typical of Central Developments’ full ownership retirement developments, highlights this new development as an opportunity not to be missed. With the added benefit of no transfer costs or bond registration fees, any property investor will easily identify it as an excellent opportunity even in slower market conditions.

Central Developments is positive about 2019

Talking about market conditions and the economy, South Africa has been through an extraordinary and eventful year on the economic and political front. At Central Developments, we kept a close eye on what happened in our country and are now very positive about the outlook for 2019 and beyond. There are many positive indicators that our country and economy are finally turning the corner and that our challenges, although still numerous, are being dealt with in a methodical, structured and positive way.
It is easy to get bogged down in all the negative and populist rhetoric as we lead into an election year, but we are reminded of one very important fact: “Things are not getting worse. They are getting uncovered. We need to hold tight and continue to pull back the veil.” Our country has been through many major changes and political shifts and not once did we collapse. We’re not about to do so in 2019 either and it is time to shrug off the irrational pessimism and invest in positive actions and behaviours.

Adrian Gore, CEO of Discovery, was recently vocal about the fact that as South Africans, we are the most irrationally pessimistic country in the world, simply because we tend to focus only on the negative without looking at the full, balanced picture. We gather around braais and social events caught up in perpetual talk of declinism, firm in our ignorance of how national development indicators have actually improved and convinced that everything is on a downhill trajectory despite the facts that tell us otherwise.

It’s time to question our perpetual gloom, take off the blinkers and broaden our perspectives because if we don’t, we simply won’t see the many opportunities or our country’s progress, and there has been plenty.

The Central Developments list of 2018 wins

Just to reaffirm that we continue to live in one of the most extraordinary, open and democratic countries in the world and that none of our challenges are intractable or insoluble:

  • South Africa has $50 billion more committed foreign direct investment compared to last year this time as a result of President Ramaphosa’s investment drive.
  • We are officially out of recession. The South African economy grew by 2,2% quarter-on-quarter (seasonally adjusted and annualised) in the third quarter of 2018, bringing to an end the country’s second recession since 1994.
  • Regardless of your views on politics, 2019 will mark our sixth democratic, fair and peaceful elections, a model and inspiration on the continent.
  • South Africa is hands-down the most industrialised economy in Africa and has one of the most business-friendly environments worldwide. For entrepreneurs, there are very few countries in the world that are as embracing of start-ups with a great business plan and the tenacity to work hard.
  • Corruption and state capture are firmly in the spotlight and that’s something to be embraced. The judicial commission of inquiry into state capture is being chaired by deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo and those who were complicit in the pillage of our country are being called out and they are falling.
  • South Africa has not been downgraded to sub-investment grade which is positive for our economy and the cost of doing business.
  • SARS is firmly back on the road to becoming the world-class revenue service it was.
  • SOEs are no longer led by state capture enablers and Minister Pravin Gordhan is firmly in charge of the clean-up operations.
  • Jacob Zuma is no longer president and the Gupta’s are on the run.
  • The NPA has a new head in the very capable and respected Shamila Batohi as new National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP).
  • National Treasury is under firm and ethical control.
  • South Africa’s property market is still firmly a buyer’s market – for those with the cash it presents an opportunity to secure a prime property at pricing that may not have been possible otherwise. Legendary investor Warren Buffet said: “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful’. In a market characterised by pervasive pessimism on the back of all the policy uncertainty, the smart money is currently taking advantage of this by buying aggressively. The reality is that policy will be settled and South Africa will find a rational and reasonable solution to our challenges as we always do.

With all this in mind Central Developments would like to join you in embracing all that 2019 has to offer!

Do not forget to diarise the coming launch of Waterkloof Marina and certainly do not forget to share the prospects of a good property investment with your closest friends and family members.

Any enquiries about Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate or your registration on the waiting list can be directed to Werner van Zyl at [email protected]

Retirement can be everything you dreamed it would be

The retirement years go by

Let’s face it – no one likes thinking about retirement because it means facing the fact that we are not getting any younger. 

We all secretly hope that it will get easier to look for that pair of shoes under the bed or to read the small print without those pesky glasses again. But each time we are faced with these small reminders of our – dare we say it – age, we know deep down that time waits for no man or woman.

Something to celebrate

The good news, however, is that retirement can be everything you have always hoped it would be; relaxed, stress-free, quality time spent with family and friends, freedom to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do while not having to worry about your security, health or finances.

After nine months of eager anticipation, Central Developments have just launched its twelfth retirement estate, Celebration, just opposite the Northgate Mall. Not to be mistaken for an old age home, this retirement estate focuses on being a community for over 50s who want an active lifestyle within a social environment catering for their every need with beautiful lifestyle facilities. At the same time it also provides world class care and support options should it ever become necessary. Not only does it have a 30-bed, 24-hour, frail-care centre fully operational from phase one, but care packages can also, with the assistance of on-site experts, be tailor made to include, for example, home care for an individual recovering from and illness or operation in the comfort of their own home.

Only about 10% of all retirement developments offer similar services and facilities from day one. They either don’t have any frail-care facilities or plan to deliver it in a later phase, but then never do. Just being close to hospitals or care facilities is often not enough. Having a facility within your estate – as at Celebration – guarantees care whenever you need it.

It also offers full ownership and not just life rights as most other retirement developments do. This means you will own the property in full, you will reap the full benefits of the capital growth and you will be able to bequeath it to your loved ones. Based on actual cases in previous Central Developments retirement estates, investors can expect to see returns on investment of up to 20% per annum, and in certain cases even more, making it the most lucrative residential property investment you can possibly make.

Since there is a very limited supply of retirement properties of this calibre and an ever-growing demand, they are selling fast – 100 units were sold in the first two weeks after the launch! This is testament to the fact that you will not get a better all-round retirement or investment property offering anywhere today. It is very competitively priced at 10% to 15% less than anything comparable in the market. This is possible because Central Developments do the entire development and sales process in-house, cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings directly on to the clients. With 979 units in total, Celebration is also the largest retirement estate the group has ever developed. Further savings are thus possible due to the economy of scale.

At Celebration buyers will be spoilt for choice with 19 different floor plans to choose from including one and two bedroom apartments, as well as two and three bedroom cottages and houses with quality finishes throughout. The group has also gained a wealth of experience from their eleven previous developments, which have all been put to good use at Celebration. New kitchen designs including mid-level ovens, covered patios, low maintenance garden fences and PV thermal solar panels, are only a few examples of new improvements.

It is also the first retirement development in Gauteng to be registered for EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiency) certification by the Green Building Council of South Africa. Energy saving technology and materials will result in at least 20% more energy savings than the norm, resulting in lower water and electricity bills at the end of the month. Furthermore, fibre internet connections to all the units will give you fast, reliable and affordable internet connection to stay in touch with all your loved ones (wherever they might be), make cheap phone calls and enjoy the latest internet entertainment services.

The magnificent 3 000m2 lifestyle centre, also fully operational from the first phase and the largest to date, will offer a dining room, recreation hall for a variety of social gatherings, games room, indoor heated pool, hair and beauty salon, doctor’s consulting room, convenience store, library and more – all within a beautifully designed and decorated space. And for those who enjoy the outdoors and nature there is a 2.7ha protected green area and walkways leading to seating areas where you can take in the beautiful views over the rolling hills of the area.

In addition to these extensive facilities, the estate boasts state-of-the-art security features. This includes a 2.4m perimeter wall topped with an electric fence, motion sensors, 24-hour patrolling security guards, a guard house with CCTV system and access control utilising traffic booms, spike barriers and license verification, which ensures that the highest level of security is provided. For further peace of mind every resident has a mobile panic button in case of an emergency which is linked to the frail-care unit and guard house.

So don’t be overwhelmed by the daunting prospect of retirement and come visit the Celebration Retirement Estate show house village which is open 7 days a week from 09:00 to 17:00 to see what a community where retirement is truly celebrated looks like. You can also visit or phone 0861 73 84 73 for more information.


This Joburg retirement development offers returns of up to 20% pa

Passionate about retirement village development

The best paying tenants are aged 50 years and older. This is according to rental collection platform, PayProp, which controls the lion’s share of residential letting-related transactions in South Africa, processing monthly rental receipts and beneficiary settlements for more than 95,000 properties nationwide.

This, coupled with a very high demand and limited supply, makes retirement property one of the best and least risky options for investors. But with only a few retirement developments allowing full ownership and investors of any age to buy into it, finding these investment gems are not always that easy. When you do find a retirement development which allows anyone from the age of 18 to buy a unit and let it to tenants aged 50 years and older, this is one of the best property investments you can make.

In-demand retirement

“There is an insatiable demand for secure, well-managed retirement solutions offering full ownership and on-site frail-care facilities guaranteed to be operational from phase 1,” says Gerrit Brandow, Director of Central Developments, which boasts a retirement portfolio of 11 developments, comprising over 4 600 units. “Our retirement estates offer all this as well as a lifestyle centre with various amenities such as a dining room, recreation hall for various social activities, hair and beauty salon, doctors’ consulting rooms, library and more. These estates are also expertly managed and have quality finishes, green architecture, fibre internet connectivity and state of the art security. This makes our product the best offering in the market, increasing demand and as such they are very attractive to investors, who benefit from a strong yield on rental income and continued capital growth.”

According to PayProp’s numbers some 39% of 50+ tenants rent for between R7 500 and R15 000+ per month. Therefore a development such as Celebration Retirement Estate opposite Northgate Mall in Johannesburg, where units are priced from R810 000 putting rentals in this price bracket, can offer investors returns on investment of up to 20% per annum from the first year.

This is significant because as a whole, the South African property market is growing at a nominal rate (excluding inflation) of 4% year-on-year. FNB household and property sector strategist, John Loos, reported that in Q2 2017 the Johannesburg housing market was growing at a nominal rate of 3.2% year-on-year (or at -1.8% in real terms).

“When we consider their above-average credit scores, debt levels and debt-to-income ratio, we can deduce that over 50s are on average better with debt management than younger generations. They pay on time, are less reliant on short-term loans (bad debt) and have fewer delinquencies and judgements against their name. They also go for longer periods without going more than 90 days into arrears on any credit accounts (not rent), which is also an early indicator that your tenant is experiencing financial difficulties and could in future default in part or in full on their rental commitments.” says Johette Smuts, head of data and analytics at PayProp.

Serious investors of all ages, who are either just starting out or would like to diversify their property portfolios, would therefore do well to consider buying into a well-planned, well-managed retirement development such as Celebration Retirement Estate. Due to the high demand and limited supply of this calibre retirement property – clearly evident in the 100 units sold at Celebration within the first 14 days – these properties also resell three times faster than other residential property.

“Investors of any age can invest in Celebration Retirement Estate,” says Gerrit Brandow. “Many return investors have faith in our developments because they have already reaped the benefits of their previous investments in our products.”

Why Celebration is a serious investment choice

  • It is a niche product aimed at a very niche market where high demand and limited supply exists
  • Assistance with rental management is available
  • Invest now and occupy when you are ready to retire
  • It is property with a purpose that can be used for generations to come
  • Proven capital growth of up to 12% per annum
  • Achievable returns on investment of on average 12% and up to 20% per annum
  • Affordable levies

Celebration has just opened its show village which are open daily from 9:00 to 17:00. It’s well worth a visit. Contact or 0861 73 84 73 for more information.

Celebration Retirement Estate – Breaking the mould in retirement developments and setting a new standard in retirement living

One of the largest retirement developments yet

Celebration Retirement Estate, located in the Fourways area opposite the Fourways Mall and iconic Ticketpro Dome launched as one of the largest retirement developments on 4 September 2017. It is the twelfth retirement estate successfully developed by the Central Developments Property Group since 2010.

At a value of R1.7 billion and comprising 979 units as well as the largest lifestyle centre to date, it will be the Group’s largest retirement development yet.

Retirement Developments

Retirement goes green

One of the most exciting aspects of Celebration is the fact that it is the first retirement development in Gauteng to be registered for the Green Building Council of South Africa’s EDGE certification. To receive an EDGE certification the developer must use environmentally friendly and energy-saving construction methods, materials and technology to ensure at least 20% more energy is saved than prescribed by the usual South African National Standards (SANS) guidelines.

Solar water heating systems, roof insulation, ECO floor slabs, energy-saving light bulbs, aerated showerheads and taps and dual flush toilets will all contribute to significant savings on residents’ utility bills. Independent studies at four similar retirement estates have shown that a solar water heating system can potentially save the residents of a simplex unit an average of R315.00 and the residents of an apartment R164.00 per month on their electricity consumption (based on R1.85/kWh and a 31 day month).

Gerrit Brandow, director overseeing the Celebration project, says that in accordance with research done by the Green Building Council of South Africa an EDGE certification will increase a unit’s value by 11% to 12% and an increase of 5% to 6% in rental rates is also achievable. Since this is a full ownership development, and not just life rights ownership as many other retirement developments, this increase in the value of the property will benefit each owner directly.

Value-added retirement

Central Developments is always striving to set new standards and enhance their product offering, which is why Celebration Retirement Estate is also accredited by the Fibre to The Home (FTTH) Council of South Africa as a fibre friendly facility providing true fibre internet connectivity to each unit with Vodacom as technology and network partner. This will ensure fast, reliable and more affordable internet throughout the estate and a free communication network inside the estate.

Buyers will be spoiled for choice with a variety of beautifully designed, modern 2- and 3-bedroom cottages and houses as well as bachelor, 1- and 2 bedroom apartments with high-end, quality finishes available. The lifestyle centre – which will be fully operational from day one – will include a dining hall, a communal hall for social gatherings, a hair and beauty salon, a convenience store, a library, post boxes, doctors’ consulting rooms, a games room and a heated, indoor swimming pool.

In addition to these extensive facilities and protected green area of 2.7ha the estate boasts state-of-the-art security features. This includes a 2,4m high perimeter wall topped with an electric perimeter fence, motion sensors, 24-hour patrolling security guards, a guard house with CCTV system and access control utilising traffic booms, spike barriers and license verification, which ensures that the highest level of security is provided.

For residents’ further peace of mind all residents receive mobile panic buttons in case of an emergency which are linked to the frail-care unit and guard house.

Even if you are still blessed with good health, care options in case your health deteriorates, is something you have to consider when looking at retirement property. At Celebration Retirement Estate a variety of options will be available for those in need of care and support. Specialist staff can assist residents to tailor make care packages that will cater for their specific needs. It can range from home-based care, like meals being delivered to your house while you are recovering in bed, to 24-hour frail-care in the 30-bed frail-care facility on site.

Retirement Developments

The right location

Because Celebration Retirement Estate is so centrally located, it is surrounded by various shopping centres, entertainment venues, restaurants, sports clubs and hospitals – all within either walking distance or a mere 10 to 15-minute drive. For those with an appetite for shopping, the newly improved and upgraded Northgate Shopping Centre is across the road. For more active individuals major golf and sports clubs – including the Bryanston Country Club and Randburg Bowls Club – are around the corner. Even Montecasino with its exclusive Italian feel offering more entertainment and fine dining, is only a short drive away. Medical facilities in close proximity include the Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital, Olivedale Clinic and Life Fourways Hospital.

You might think that such an ideal location and all these superb facilities and services come at a price, but when compared to similar offerings in the market, Celebration Retirement Estate comes in at 10% to 15% less, which makes it the best retirement investment available in the market today. The show houses are open every day from 09:00 to 17:00 so don’t miss out on this unbelievable opportunity to own the perfect retirement property. Visit or call 0861 73 84 73 for more information.

Is a 20% ROI possible with retirement property?

High-demand apartments and houses

Apart from the enjoyment of living in Central Developments 11 established retirement villages, residents from the 4 500 units, have also invested into them due to strong yield on rental income and ongoing growth based on the high demand of these well-designed apartments and houses. It includes quality facilities, many social activities on offer and the care that these retirement villages offer as a total package for investors. Pretoria and Celebration in Fourways, Johannesburg  – in the offering.

Capital growth of 20% per annum

When it comes to resale, an investment in these retirement villages is an excellent choice, particularly because of the continued high demand for accommodation in safe villages managed by well-established management agents. Many return investors have faith in these developments because they have already reaped the benefits of their previous investments. For example: a three-bedroom unit in the Group’s BougainVilla Retirement Village in Pretoria, which was purchased for R1 495 000 in November 2014, was sold in July 2016 for R2 100 000, resulting in capital growth of 20% per annum.

Central retirement estates – a popular choice

The Group’s two new retirement developments – Celebration Retirement Estate (1 000 units) in Fourways and Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate (1 100 units) in Pretoria – have both already attracted considerable interest. They will launch mid-2017 and towards end 2017 respectively. Prospective buyers would be well advised to jump at the chance to register in advance.
The popularity of and growing demand for Central Developments’ retirement homes are due to several beneficial factors which, amongst others, include full ownership as well as a range of luxury houses and apartments of different sizes to choose from. This gives investors of any age an ideal opportunity to invest in a property located in a prestigious area which will definitely show above-average capital growth and rental income. Additional benefits include a 24-hour frail care service, medical consulting rooms, restaurant, hair and beauty salon, library, a convenience store and transport services are ready for use when the first residents move in. As much as 90% of other retirement villages do not offer this.

What sets us apart from the rest

The Group’s two new retirement developments – Celebration Retirement Estate (1 000 units) in Fourways and Waterkloof Marina Retirement Estate (1 100 units) in Pretoria – have both already attracted considerable interest. They will launch mid-2017 and towards end 2017 respectively. Prospective buyers would be well advised to jump at the

All the villages are also equipped with technologically advanced security systems, manned access points and patrols throughout the premises. Furthermore, Central Developments is proud to announce that their two new retirement estates, Celebration and Waterkloof Marina, will be the first of their kind in South Africa registered for EDGE certification by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) which will decrease costs for owners over the long run. EDGE, which stands for Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies, not only guarantees a design standard, but that the final built home complies with the globally recognised EDGE standard of a minimum saving of 20% in energy and water.

Construction of Celebration Estate’s show houses commenced in February and will be completed at the official launch mid-2017, Waterkloof Marina is set to launch towards end October 2017.

Register today at or phone  086 173 8473 for more information.

Retirement Estates – Market leaders do it yet again

Passionate about retirement estate development

It comes as no surprise that Central Developments Property Group already has 11 successful retirement estates to its credit  –  with two more sought-after developments  – Waterkloof Marina in Pretoria and Celebration in Fourways, Johannesburg  – in the offering.

After all, the developer has for many years set the pace with the development of quality retirement developments in prestigious areas across Gauteng, where senior citizens can live life to the full, with complete peace of mind.

How big are these retirement estates?

The group’s existing and new developments continue to attract considerable interest, particularly because they are all sectional title developments with full ownership. Shortly after a public information day at the sought-after Waterkloof Marina last year, which, on completion will house some 1 100 units, the waiting list of interested parties excited about this upmarket development, grew to 720. Likewise, it is expected that there will also be a big demand for the approximately 1 000 modern housing units at Celebration in the Fourways green belt (opposite the Northgate Shopping Centre).

The units include one- and two-bedroom apartments (with lifts), and two- and three-bedroom homes with garages. The fact that a high premium is placed on the safety and security of the residents by means of technologically advanced security systems, strict access control at all the estates with guards manning the gates and patrolling the estates, also meets with great approval.

When residents, tenants and investors are asked why they chose to live in one of this group’s retirement estates, they unanimously agree that the housing units not only testify to excellent craftsmanship, they also offer everything you need to maintain your lifestyle in a secure, sought-after and often scenic environment.

A high premium is also placed on ‘green’ initiatives and measures, as a result, the design and building of these two estates are done under the scrutiny of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA). This means that, when completed, the units will be Green Star-certified, which will significantly increase their future value.

The practical application of ‘green’ measures is not only aimed at immediate energy-saving (through solar heating), but even the building materials used, are bound to have an energy-saving effect over the longer term.

Judging from the long list of facilities that each and every estate offers, it is clear that it is indeed an all-inclusive town in the fullest sense of the word. Among other things, the facilities include a service centre with a dining hall, a library, a convenience shop, a hair and beauty salon, as well as a 24-hour care centre at affordable rates. The estates will also be equipped with an internet connection.

Moreover, all of the above facilities are available from the opening of the estate and the first residents moving in. In addition, the group does not simply walk away, it ensures that comprehensive estate management is undertaken by proven experts.

Social activities also abound, varying from yoga classes, a garden, bingo, bridge and social club (‘Happy Hour’) and a market day where residents can sell their own hand or artworks, to a multitude of other social events, braais and music video shows, dances (Valentine’s day), fun runs and community involvement projects such as the collection of toys for underprivileged children and pet food for the pets of indigent seniors. Residents can also join Bible study and care groups and even travel with the community bus to shopping centres in the vicinity.

Differentiate for success

Besides its capacity to think and act out of the box, the group’s unwavering commitment to quality also differentiates it from competitors in this fast-growing market, emphasises its MD, Anton Crouse.

‘Our track record protects us. Besides proven business principles, we stick to a practical, hands-on approach. The fact that we personally build our estates and control all critical aspects of the value chain, furthermore helps to limit development risk and, at the same time, ensures unparalleled quality, attention to detail and value for money.

In addition, we ensure that no finger can be pointed to our aftersales service – not a single complaint is overlooked or goes by without being thoroughly addressed. We are also extremely market orientated and everything is done inhouse. This may be a small, simple concept, but property companies that don’t market, cannot develop.’

Construction of Celebration Estate’s show houses commences in February and will be completed at the official launch. There will be eight furnished show houses to reflect the different floor plans of the estate. Interested parties will have to hurry to register as prospective buyers. Like at all CDPG developments, prior registration will be to your benefit in terms discount and a wide choice.

Register today at or phone 086 173 8473 for more information.