Investing in a retirement estate with on-site frail-care and lifestyle facilities

Investing in a retirement estate with on-site frail-care and lifestyle facilities

Investing in a retirement estate with on-site frail-care and lifestyle facilities

Investing in a retirement estate with on-site frail-care and lifestyle facilities is a no-brainer. Choosing where to invest can be a daunting task, so make sure you’re well informed about the facilities and requirements expected from prospective tenants. Retirement is one of those inevitable stages in life, like taking your first step or buying your first home, making retirement real estate an excellent investment. 

Retirement estates have developed significantly in concept, design, and physical layout. Choosing to invest in a retirement estate that caters to on-site lifestyle and care facilities can be extremely valuable since this niche market has shown significant growth in, and return on, investments. 

At Celebration Retirement Estate, we believe we have found the answer to creating a solid investment for someone looking to expand their portfolio. 

Living the Retirement Lifestyle

Due to a broader spread of age groups moving into retirement estates, the criteria of what an estate should cater for have expanded. A retirement estate with on-site lifestyle facilities has much to offer tenants, making investing in a retirement estate a smart move. You will find that it matches the facilities of everyday security estates – and in most cases, exceeds them. Apart from the obvious advantages that a wide array of facilities offers, these spaces also encourage citizens to engage socially. A medical study conducted in 2010 concluded that people with more social relationships and interactions have a staggering advantage in their physical health.

Celebration Retirement Estate offers a lifestyle centre that houses many facilities, including a dining hall, library, hair salon, laundry, and indoor pool – to name but a few. Furthermore, there is a beautiful green walkway, a three-kilometre stretch with extensive birdlife and flora. It promotes an active lifestyle and encourages residents to spend time outside without having to leave the estate.

Medical Facilities 

It is easy to assume that having on-site care facilities is similar to being close to a hospital or clinic. What separates the two is the variety and preparedness of a retirement estate’s on-site medical services. Celebration Retirement Estate offers home-based care options and a spacious 30-bed frail-care facility. Providing you with the flexibility of recovering without leaving the estate, and your spouse can be close by at all times. Emergency response services are also essential. Knowing that hands-on professionals are standing at the ready for any event is reassuring.

Besides being prepared for medical emergencies, Celebration offers a doctor’s consulting room in the lifestyle centre, meaning it is possible to meet the majority of medical needs without leaving the premises.

Investing in a Retirement Estate

Prestigious large-scale developments like Celebration Retirement Estate holds incredible investment opportunity for an investor of any age. Estates of this stature are in low supply while the demand is steadily increasing.  Levy costs in bigger retirement estates are more stable due to the number of available units and finding tenants are easy. It is worth noting that retirees are some of the most desirable tenants; they take proper care of the property and usually rent long-term. At Celebration, we offer on-site rental assistance and up to 20% in annual returns.

At Celebration Retirement Estate, we have kept up with the times. We pride ourselves on the quality and extent of on-site lifestyle and care facilities available.  We invite you to make the right choice when looking to invest in a retirement estate. Book a meeting or give us a call.