Investing in property during uncertain times

Investing in property – “Prevention is better than cure”, that’s why now is the time for property investment.

If you are a property investor currently following the news and listening to all the different opinions by economists, property experts and other financial institutions, you will know that there is a lot of speculation out there when it comes to investing in property.

Typical trending topics of conversations include:

  1. What will the interest rate do over the next couple of years?
  2. Should I fix my interest rate?
  3. Property value, where will the best growth opportunities be?
  4. Is now the right time to invest?
  5. How stable is the tenant market during these times?

Be careful not to lend an ear to the hearsay of the market, rather speak to reputable sources.

Whether you are looking for your first investment property, or you are an experienced property investor, the golden rule when investing should always be not to live above your means. Make sure that you put contingencies in place to assist you during uncertain times and unforeseen circumstances.  If you know that a possible defaulting tenant will impact your cash flow dramatically and you do not have surplus funds, you should consider taking out rental insurance as part of your contingency plan.

Investing in property, is now the right time? The answer is quite simply, yes. Would you prefer to buy property when the interest rate is high or when it is low? Low of course.  Interest rates will not remain at an all-time low forever so you should think about how much interest you are saving while it is.  This is an opportunity for you to have a larger disposable income to buy something better or even more than one property.

Be careful when considering fixing your interest rate. Also ensure that you buy property in an area with proven high demand for tenants.

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